What does the AC Condenser do?

Along with the AC compressor and evaporator, the AC condenser works to transfer heat from the indoors and dissipate it to the outdoors, making the indoor environment cool and less humid. As a mechanical system, the condenser is bulky and makes plenty of noise during each cycle of the system, which is why it is located outside of the home or building. Our heating and cooling experts at C & J Air Conditioning & Heating explain the role of the air conditioning condenser in San Antonio, TX.

The Functions of the Air Conditioning Condenser

In order to understand the functions of the AC condenser, it is necessary to also know how it works together with the compressor and evaporator. The outdoor compressor and condenser combination is where the heat removal process starts. The compressor pressurizes the working fluid from a gas into a liquid. The liquid chemical coolant then flows into the condenser where the heat carried by the working fluid is dissipated to the environment via the many fins along the condenser's coils.

After releasing its heat, the working fluid is still a pressurized liquid but is much cooler. The working fluid is then processed into a fine mist and is pushed through a valve into the evaporator, where it passes through hollow coils and absorbs heat from the air around it. This evaporation process makes the indoor air cooler. The system's fan or air handler then blows this cooled air throughout the duct work of the home or building.

AC Condenser Maintenance

Maintenance of the condenser unit is essential for its effective and efficient performance. Proper AC condenser maintenance includes:

  • Keeping the coils clean and free of dirt and debris buildup.
  • Check the working fluid (refrigerant) level on a semi-annual or annual basis.
  • Inspection of the fins to ensure they are not bent or otherwise damaged.

Achieving and Maintaining Indoor Comfort

The AC condenser unit makes it possible for San Antonio home and business owners to achieve and maintain indoor comfort. To get the best level of performance out of the condenser, owners should eliminate overgrowth of grass, shrubs and other plants from around the condenser, check its power cord for signs of damage and schedule a professional tune-up of the system once a year.

Our team of skilled HVAC service technicians at C & J Air Conditioning & Heating has many years of experience working on all makes and models of condensers. We take pride in helping local home and business owners learn more about how the condenser works, so that consumers can understand the importance of these processes to their everyday comfort. For more information about the role of the AC condenser in San Antonio homes and businesses, give our team a call any time.



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