Electric Heat vs Gas Heat - Which is More Efficient?

If you are considering an upgrade for your home’s heating system, you may be wondering whether gas heat or electricity is the better choice. The answer actually varies based on the climate conditions, and during a winter in San Antonio, TX, there can be significant swings in low temperatures. You may find that your heating bills are affected significantly no matter which fuel source you use.

Ideal Conditions for Using Electric Heat

Electric heating sources are great for milder climates. During a cool but not freezing day, your heat pump handles the job of controlling indoor temperatures beautifully. You’ll find that you can enjoy comfortable conditions without excessive bills. However, when the temperatures dip, you may see those bills increase dramatically. The air source exterior unit of your heat pump struggles to absorb heat from the outside air to warm the refrigerant circulating through the lines.  This is because the outside temperatures are close to those of the refrigerant. With your system working harder, energy usage rises.

Ideal Conditions for Gas Heat

Our sub-freezing temperatures are perfect for gas-operated equipment. Your furnace may heat appropriately during milder conditions, but fuel utilization is more complete as temperatures drop. As a result, you will experience less waste of gas during these chilly conditions during our winter months.

The Best of Both Approaches

You may not realize that you can enjoy both options by installing a hybrid heating system in your home. This type of unit uses both gas and electricity for heating. You can benefit from the efficiency of electricity on milder days, and your system will provide you with the hearty heating needed for icy days as well.

Although many consumers wonder whether they will know when to make the switch from one fuel to the other, the reality is that this has already been handled in the hybrid system design. Your equipment’s sensors determine which heating source is appropriate for the current conditions, directing the operation of either the gas furnace or the electricity-operated heat pump. This is an outstanding option for areas like San Antonio, TX because it enables you to enjoy optimum comfort levels without excessive operating costs.

Cooling Functions in Hybrid Systems

Another important feature to consider if you are contemplating the installation of a hybrid system is the fact that a heat pump also operates as an air conditioner. You can streamline your heating and cooling needs into one comprehensive system. The efficiency levels attained by these hybrid units are comparable to many top-rated air conditioning systems, allowing you to be sure that your home will be comfortable through our hot summers as well.

Work with a Specialist

C & J Air Conditioning provides the community with a comprehensive selection of HVAC services. If you are interested in the installation of hybrid heating equipment, the fall months are the best time to purchase your new system. You can be ready for the chilly winter months, and you can beat the deadline for an eligible equipment upgrade if you are interested in the 25C tax credit. Contact our office for more information.


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